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Tek Squeegee

Model:  UP2000 SPM2000
Listed Date:  2009-07-21
Price:  0

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The holders adopt new technology of alloy, strong and durable in construction. Lightweight, low profile holders reduce paste sticking and handing damage.




Color choice add visual ergonomics and helps you segregate materials, make it simple and easy for your operation.





Accurate blade referencing insures your setup quality, keep your print process in the highest level.




Blades which contain a wide range of thickness can be securely fixed by stainless steel batten, it will be easy and simple for disassembling and cleaning and help you to reduce process and down time.




Sliding paste retainers enable you to reconfigure these advanced holders for smaller/larger squeegee sizes, saving time, money and storage space.



The paste retainers which close to stencil can stop declining print quality and wasting of material for the reason of paste overflow. You can adjust the height of paste retainers according to the sizes of squeegees to ensure high print quality. Save your money and time.


Double Blades System prevents squeegees from deforming and extend the life of squeegees, save your money and time.








Part Number:TEK-UP2.0-350-BD(250)-GR-PR、TEK-UP2.0-350-BD(200)-BU-PR

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