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ASM-600 Squeegee Bodyguard

Model:  ASM-600
Listed Date:  2016-01-15
Brand:  tekyong
Specification:  1130x580x1020mm
Price:  0

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ASM-600 Squeegee Bodyguard – a fully automatic squeegee cleaning machine.
     In recent years, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to printing quality. How can we control or prevent printing quality accidents effectively? It is very important to clean and maintain the printing areas.      We have been scrubbing squeegees manually.
     Why should we scrub squeegees?
     Can squeegees be scrubbed clean?
     No one is concerned about these questions. With the refinement of mount technology, some enterprises are beginning to care about this issue. They gather squeegees for cleaning. However, cleaning is not a simple thing. This issue has bothered enterprise management and printing quality.?
Squeegee Bodyguard can thoroughly clean your squeegees and return a clean and tidy printing environment to you. Occurrences of solder paste pollution and steel mesh blocking will be greatly lowered.
Tekyong has been devoted to printing industry for 10 years, aiming to improve printing quality.
Product Features:
It has changed the traditional way of manual scrubbing to prevent solder paste pollution;
It can replace manual cleaning and avoid the direct contact of human body with solvents, so it can reduce damages to the human body;
The residual solder paste can be recycled effectively, so the excessive waste of solder paste during the production can be avoided;
The cleaning rate can reach 99.9%. The solder paste residues on the squeegees can be reduced, so the occurrence of steel mesh blocking can be lowered;
It can keep your squeegees clean and prolong their service lives.

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